TATYA is a one-stop solution for Architecture, Interior designing and Turnkey Contracting requirements. TATYA has earned the reputation of being Best Architects and Interior Designers of Bangalore by providing excellent & best-in-class services since 2007 for both Residential and Commercial clients.


Our solutions are perfect blend of innovation, aesthetics and regulatory compliance. We employ our extensive Architectural, Civil engineering & Interior designing knowledge accumulated over years to successfully deliver intricate projects consistently.

We not only transform the space but transform the lives

We create spaces considering functionality & form to achieve aesthetics to satisfy the requirement of our clients. Our designing solution integrates innovative and advanced cutting edge technology while using ecofriendly materials. Our design combines art & architecture, texture & colour to maximise value to the project. We provide best solution while considering constraints of budget, schedule & technology to suit project requirements.

We are team of professionals who are capable of producing Architectural designs for projects varying in scale and complexity. Our smallest project is 2BHK individual villa (1200 sft. SBA) and biggest project is multi-dwelling apartment complex (12 million sft. SBA).

We have our own set of consultancy which includes Structural, Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC.



To create sustainable partnership with enterprises by delivering value using entrepreneurial spirit, professional attitude and cutting edge technology.


To operate on best practices based on the highest professional standards.


To respond quickly to client’s need, provide long term growth for all partners, transforming challenges into opportunities, protect the environment and meet corporate social responsibility.

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